E-GEOD-7196 - Transcription profiling of mouse hearts from mutants lacking estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERRalpha), a nuclear receptor

Released on 10 November 2007, last updated on 30 April 2015
Mus musculus
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Total RNA was isolated from 3 WT and 3 ERRalpha null hearts and independent hybridizations were performed using MOE430 2.0 microarrays. Expression profiling was conducted to determine changes in gene expression in hearts lacking ERRa. The expression of genes involved in heart and muscle development, muscle contraction, lipid metabolism, OxPhos, protein metabolism and transcription were affected by the loss of ERRa. Experiment Overall Design: 3 hearts from WT and 3 hearts from ERRalpha-null mice were used in the study. The expression of genes in the ERRalpha KO hearts were compared to the reference WT hearts.
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transcription profiling by array, individual genetic characteristics
Genome-wide orchestration of cardiac functions by the orphan nuclear receptors ERRalpha and gamma. Catherine R Dufour, Brian J Wilson, Janice M Huss, Daniel P Kelly, William A Alaynick, Michael Downes, Ronald M Evans, Mathieu Blanchette, Vincent Giguère.
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