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E-GEOD-71886 - Identification of c-Jun dependent genes downstream of acute MITF loss in the context of inflammatory signals in the human melanoma cell line Ma-Mel-15

Released on 29 October 2015, last updated on 8 December 2015
Homo sapiens
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Ma-Mel-15 human melanoma cell cultures were transiently transfected (RNAiMax, Lipofectamin) with control siRNA, siRNA against MITF (pool of 4 siRNAs), siRNA against c-JUN (pool of 4 siRNAs) or combinations of siMITF and siJUN. Cells were then either treated with TNF-alpha (1000U/ml) for 24 hours or left untreated. The experiment was performed as biological duplicates. We aimed to determine how c-JUN cooperates with acute MITF-loss in human melanoma cells to increase inflammatory responsiveness and cell plasticity. Total RNA was obtained from siRNA/TNF-treated Ma-Mel-15 melanoma cell lines and global gene expression profiling was done using the Illumina Human HT12 v4 platform.
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Michael Holzel <>, Michael Hölzel, Stefanie Riesenberg
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