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E-GEOD-71406 - Expression analysis of leafy spurge crown buds during seasonal dormancy transitions after glyphosate treatments

Released on 5 August 2015, last updated on 20 August 2015
Euphorbia esula
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This submission contains the RNAseq data from a study of leafy spurge crown buds transitioning through a seasonal dormancy time course following glyphosate treatments where buds transitioned from paradoprmancy to endodormancy and then to ecodormancy. The sequences in this study were mapped to an assembled transcriptome built from sequences from this study along with sequences from : 1) A study of leafy spurge crown buds through a time course for paradormancy release induced by excision of the aerial portion of the shoot (Series GSE71317). 2) A study identical to this study but where leafy spurge plants were not treated with glyphosate (Series GSE71321). 3) A previously submitted study of leafy spurge shoots following treament with glyphosate was also used to assemble the transcriptome (Series GSE56509). This crown buds transitioning through a seasonal dormancy time course following a glyphosate treatment study has 4 biological replicates collected at each of the three dormancy states (paradormant, endodormant, and ecodormant).
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
David Horvath <>, Alvaro G Hernandez, David P Horvath, James V Anderson, Michael A Mikel , Michael E Foley, Münevver Doğramacı, Wun S Chao
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