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E-GEOD-69125 - The effect of knockdown Abl kinases on breast cancer cells' global transcriptome

Released on 2 March 2016, last updated on 17 March 2016
Homo sapiens
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To gain insight into the signaling pathway(s) required for ABL1/ABL2-dependent bone metastasis, we evaluated the consequences of single or double inactivation of ABL1 and ABL2 on the transcriptome of breast cancer cells. Double ABL1/ABL2 knockdown was required to decrease the levels of p-CrKL by more than 90%, indicative of inactivation of the endogenous ABL kinases. To examine the consequences of depleting the ABL kinases on the transcriptome of metastatic breast cancer cells we employed next generation sequencing (RNAseq) analysis. We found that 180 genes were significantly down-regulated and 40 genes were significantly up-regulated in ABL1/ABL2 knockdown cells. Four samples were analyzed control, Abl single knockdown, Arg single knockdown, Abl/Arg double knockdown. Experiments were performed in triplicate.
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