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E-GEOD-68376 - Interleukin-1 signaling is involved in local self-renewal and maintenance of microglia

Released on 15 July 2015, last updated on 7 September 2015
Mus musculus
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During early embryogenesis microglia arise from yolk sac progenitors populating the developing CNS, where they are maintained as tissue-resident macrophages throughout the organism’s lifespan. Here, we describe an experimental system that allows the specific conditional ablation of microglia in vivo. Strikingly, we found that the microglia compartment was reconstituted within one week following depletion. Microglia repopulation relied entirely on a CNS-resident, internal pool and was independent from bone marrow-derived precursors. Newly formed microglia were found in highly proliferative, organized micro-clusters that dissolve once steady state was achieved. Gene expression profiling revealed prominent expression of Interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor in proliferating microglia. During the repopulation phase, IL-1 signaling was neutralized by treatment with IL-1 receptor antagonist that impaired microglia proliferation. Hence, microglia harbor a highly efficient potential to restore themselves without contribution of peripheral myeloid cells. IL-1 signaling significantly participates in this restorative proliferation process and is involved in stabilizing microglia maintenance. bone marrow macrophages, wild type microglia, and repopulating microglia
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Ari Waisman <>, Federico Marini, Julia Bruttger
Genetic Cell Ablation Reveals Clusters of Local Self-Renewing Microglia in the Mammalian Central Nervous System. Bruttger J, Karram K, W�rtge S, Regen T, Marini F, Hoppmann N, Klein M, Blank T, Yona S, Wolf Y, Mack M, Pinteaux E, M�ller W, Zipp F, Binder H, Bopp T, Prinz M, Jung S, Waisman A.
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