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E-GEOD-67525 - Molecular anatomy of palate development

Released on 3 April 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Mus musculus
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Background: The FACEBASE consortium was established in part to create a central resource for craniofacial researchers. One purpose is to provide a molecular anatomy of craniofacial development. To this end we have used a combination of laser capture microdissection and RNA-Seq to define the gene expression programs driving development of the murine palate. Results: We focused on the E14.5 palate, soon after medial fusion of the two palatal shelves. The palate was divided into multiple compartments, including medial and lateral, as well as oral and nasal, for both the anterior and posterior domains. A total of 25 RNA-Seq datasets were generated. The results provide a comprehensive view of the region specific expression of all transcription factors, growth factors and receptors. Paracrine interactions can be inferred from flanking compartment growth factor/receptor expression patterns. The results are validated primarily through very high concordance with extensive previously published gene expression data for the developing palate. In addition selected immunostain validations were carried out. Conclusions: This report provides an RNA-Seq based atlas of gene expression patterns driving palate development at microanatomic resolution. This FACEBASE resource is designed to fuel discovery by the craniofacial research community. Laser capture microdissection and RNA-seq were used to generate gene expression profiles of different compartments of the mouse E14.5 developing palate
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Steven Potter <>, Andrew S Potter, S S Potter
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