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E-GEOD-67463 - Gonadal Identity in the Absence of pro-Testis Factor SOX9 and pro-Ovary Factor beta-catenin

Released on 26 May 2015, last updated on 30 May 2015
Mus musculus
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The main goal of our study is to identify the molecular events that determine the gonadal identity in mammals. Although testis and ovary arise from a common embryonic primordium, they represent outcomes of opposing fate determination. This decision to differentiate into a testis or an ovary hinges upon the balance between two antagonizing factors, pro-testis SOX9 and pro-ovary β-catenin. This microarray analysis led to the identification of the genes involved in the fate of XX and XY gonads in absence of SOX9 and beta-catenin We developed mouse genetic models that lack either Sox9, β-catenin, or both specifically in the somatic cells. All embryos used in this study resulted from the crossing between Ctnnb1f/f; Sox9f/f females with Sf1-cre+/Tg ; Ctnnb1+/f; Sox9+/f males. XX and XY fetal gonads were collected at embryonic day E14.5
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