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E-GEOD-67346 - The ChIP-Sequence data of STAT92E in Drosophila adult intestines

Released on 12 May 2015, last updated on 22 May 2015
Drosophila melanogaster
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JAK/STAT pathway plays important roles in controlling Drosophila intestinal homeostasis and regulating the ISC proliferation and differentiation. However,the downstream targets of its transcription factor-STAT92E remain largely unknown.To further identify the regualtory mechanisms of the JAK/STAT pathway in controlling intestinal homeostasis,we performed the ChIP-Seq assay with mouse raised STAT92E antibody using JAK/STAT signaling highly activated adult intestines.Through the ChIP assay, we have identified over 1000 significant peaks (p<0.01) around the putative targets.The well-characterized JAK/STAT downstream targets including Domeless,Socs36E,STAT92E and chinmo were identified in our ChIP assay,indicating that our experiment is workable to identify novel JAK/STAT downstream targets in adult intestines.This work will provide insights into our understanding of regulatory mechanisms of JAK/STAT signaling during Drosophila intestinal development. Identify the ChIP peaks of STAT92E antibody using JAK/STAT signaling highly actived Drosophila adult intestines, compared with input libaray as the control
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Wanshi Cai, Wenyan Ren, Xinhua Lin, Yan Zhang
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