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E-GEOD-67183 - Genome-wide detection of STAT3 binding sites in human Th17 cells

Released on 3 May 2017, last updated on 6 May 2017
Homo sapiens
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STAT3 is a major transcription factor driving the polarization of Th17 cells in response to IL-6, TGF-β and IL1-β. STAT3 is phosphorylated and forms a homodimer and translocates into the nucleus. There STAT3 binds to specific DNA sequences, regulating the transcription of its target genes. Here we have analyzed on a genome wide level the STAT3 binding sites, after 0.5h and 4h of IL-6, TGF-β and IL1-β induction, in naive human CD4+ T cells. Altogether 2 samples from 1 biological replicate were analyzed.
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Tarmo Äijö <>, Riitta Lahesmaa, Subhash Tripathi
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