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Title: Affymetrix CEL analysis. Description:
hybridization protocol
Affymetrix Generic Hybridization
Fresh prostate tissues were recovered immediately after surgical removal. Tissues were dissected/trimmed to obtain pure tumor then snap frozen in liquid nitrogen within 30 minutes of excision and stored in -80C until RNA extraction. An H&E stained frozen section of each sample was evaluated by a pathologist, to determine epithelial and stromal content and verify the presence of tumor in the sample. For prostate tissues adjacent to tumor, samples free of cancer cells, high-grade prostatic neoplasia, or any obvious neoplastic alterations, containing at least 60% glandular cells were selected.
Total RNA was extracted with Qiagen Rneasy kit according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Biotinylated cRNA were prepared according to the standard Affymetrix protocol from 5 ug total RNA (Expression Analysis Technical Manual, 2001, Affymetrix).