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E-GEOD-65064 - Transcriptomic analysis of prefrontal medial cortex, hippocampus and nucleus accumbens of alcohol-preferring and nonpreferring rats

Released on 17 January 2015, last updated on 28 January 2015
Rattus norvegicus
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Animal models provide opportunity to study neurobiological aspects of human alcoholism. Changes in gene expression have been implicated in mediating brain function, including reward system and addiction. The current study aimed to identify novel genes that may underlie ethanol preference. Microarray analysis comparing gene expression in nucleus accumbens (NAc), hippocampus (HP) and prefrontal medial cortex (mPFC) was performed in two rat strains selected for extreme levels of ethanol preference - Warsaw High Preferring (WHP) and Warsaw Low Preferring (WLP). The identified candidate genes may underlie differential ethanol preference in rat model of alcoholism. This is analysis of 18 RNA samples, including 9 technical replicates. Two strains of rats selected for extreme levels of ethanol preference (low preferring WLP and high preferring WHP) were compared. Three brain areas (nucleus accumbens, prefrontal medial cortex and hippocampus) were studied. For each brain area, 6 RNA samples (including 3 technical replicates) were analyzed. Each RNA sample consist of of equal amounts of total RNA from 3 male rats. Comparisons: Nucleus accumbens of WHP vs. Nucleus accumbens of WLP; Prefrontal medial cortex of WHP vs. Prefrontal medial cortex of WLP; Hippocampus of WHP vs. Hippocampus of WLP. 3 biological replicates in each comparison.
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Adrian Mateusz Stankiewicz <>, Adrian M Stankiewicz, Artur H Swiergiel, Danuta Ryglewicz, Grzegorz R Juszczak, Joanna Goscik, Marek Wieczorek, Martyna Murat, Pawel Lisowski, Roman Stefanski, Wanda Dyr.
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