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E-GEOD-64857 - Gene expression data from patients with colorectal cancer

Released on 23 February 2015, last updated on 28 February 2015
Homo sapiens
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Microarray analyses for the identification of differences in gene expression patterns have increased our understanding of the molecular genetic events in colorectal cancer. We used gene expression analysis data from recurrent and non-recurrent patients with colorectal cancer to identify differentially expressed probes. Tumor tissues were taken from 81 patients with colorectal cancer, rapidly frozen in RNAlater, and isolated using Trizol. Gene expression profiles were determined using Affymetrix HG-U133 Plus 2.0 GeneChips.We aimed to identify a molecular signature that can reliably identify colorectal cancer patients at high risk for recurrence.
Experiment type
transcription profiling by array 
Lisha Wang <>, Xiang Du, Zhimin Wang
A molecular signature for the prediction of recurrence in colorectal cancer. Wang L, Shen X, Wang Z, Xiao X, Wei P, Wang Q, Ren F, Wang Y, Liu Z, Sheng W, Huang W, Zhou X, Du X. , PMID:25645394