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E-GEOD-63936 - Core and region enriched networks of behaviorally regulated genes: the singing epigenome

Released on 8 December 2014, last updated on 2 January 2015
Taeniopygia guttata
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We queried a songbird brain to discover behaviorally regulated transcriptional mechanisms relevant for speech behavior. About 10% of zebra finch genes showed regulation during singing, and most were brain-region specific. We propose that the brain-regional diversity of the singing-regulated gene networks is derived both from differential combinatorial binding of transcription factors and the epigenetic state of these genes before singing begins. To test this hypothesis, we measured H3K27ac two brain regions that participate in song production. The examination of H3K27ac in two brain regions of zebra finch in singing and silent conditions
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Andreas R Pfenning <>, Anne E West, Erich D Jarvis, Fang Liu, Osceola Whitney
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