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E-GEOD-63707 - The RNA binding protein Arrest (Aret) regulates myofibril maturation in Drosophila flight muscle

Released on 23 December 2014, last updated on 2 January 2015
Drosophila melanogaster
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In Drosophila, fibrillar flight muscles (IFMs) enable flight, while tubular muscles mediate other body movements. Here, we use RNA-sequencing and isoform-specific reporters to show that spalt major (salm) determines fibrillar muscle physiology by regulating transcription and alternative splicing of a large set of sarcomeric proteins. We identify the RNA binding protein Arrest (Aret, Bruno) as downstream of salm. Aret shuttles between cytoplasm and nuclei, and is essential for myofibril maturation and sarcomere growth of IFMs. Molecularly, Aret regulates IFM-specific transcription and splicing of various sarcomeric targets, including Stretchin and wupA (TnI), and thus maintains muscle fiber integrity. As Aret and its sarcomeric targets are evolutionarily conserved, similar principles may regulate mammalian muscle morphogenesis. 9 samples from Drosophila melanogaster were analyzed in duplicate: control dissected wildtype flight muscle at 30h APF, 72h APF and 0 day adult, jump muscle and whole leg from 1d adult and RNAi/mutant conditions for salm (1d flight muscle) and aret (30h, 72h and 1d flight muscle)
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Maria Lynn Spletter <>, Alexander Stark, Assa Yeroslaviz, Bianca Habermann, Daniel Gerlach, Frank Schnorrer, Maria L Spletter
The RNA-binding protein Arrest (Bruno) regulates alternative splicing to enable myofibril maturation in Drosophila flight muscle. Spletter ML, Barz C, Yeroslaviz A, Sch�nbauer C, Ferreira IR, Sarov M, Gerlach D, Stark A, Habermann BH, Schnorrer F. , PMID:25532219
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