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E-GEOD-63489 - Levator Ani Satellite Cells (LASCs) treated with Nonsteroidal Androgen Receptor Agonist (NARA)

Released on 20 November 2014, last updated on 28 November 2014
Rattus norvegicus
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High regenerative capacity of adult skeletal muscle relies on a self-renewing depot of adult stem cells, termed muscle satellite cells (MSCs). A novel MSC line was isolated from the rat levator ani muscle and termed Levator Ani Satellite Cells (LASCs). Androgen, a known mediator of overall body composition and specifically skeletal muscle mass, has been shown to regulate MSCs. The use of non-steroidal androgen receptor agonists (NARA) aims to retain the beneficial influence of androgen on skeletal muscle, while circumventing undesirable cardiovascular and prostate-related side-effects. Primary objectives: 1) Identify biomarkers of satellite cell growth and differentiation, 2) Characterize a novel muscle satellite cell line, 3) Understand the effects of androgen (NARA) on rat satellite cell activation and recruitment. LASCs will be treated with one of the following conditions (N=4 for all groups): 1) 0.2% DMSO, 4 hours; 2) 10 nM NARA, 4 hours; 3) 0.2% DMSO, 48 hours; 4) 10nM NARA, 48 hours
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transcription profiling by array 
James G MacKrell <>, Benjamin C Yaden, Heather A Bullock, Henry U Bryant, Keyue Chen, Shawn T Estrem, Venkatesh Krishnan
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