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E-GEOD-63189 - Identification and functional characterization of long noncoding RNAs in breast cancer

Released on 30 July 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Homo sapiens
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In this study, we have integrated RNA-seq data from subcellular fractionated RNA (i.e., cytoplasm, nucleoplasm, and chromatin-associated) with GRO-seq data using a novel bioinformatics pipeline. This has yielded a comprehensive catalog of polyadenylated lncRNAs in MCF-7 cells, about half of which have not been annotated previously and about a quarter of which are estrogen-regulated. Knockdown of selected lncRNAs, such as lncRNA152 and lncRNA67 followed by RNA-seq suggest that these lncRNAs regulate the expression of cell cycle genes. characterization of long noncoding RNAs
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
W. Lee Kraus <>, Dae S Kim, Miao Sun, Shrikanth S Gadad, W L Kraus
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