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E-GEOD-63159 - microRNA expression signatures of imatinib-treated and non-treated gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Released on 1 August 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Homo sapiens
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We performed microRNA expression profiling in a series of fresh-frozen neoadjuvantly imatinib-treated and non-treated gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), using a microarray approach. Significant differentially expressed microRNAs among imatinib-treated and non-treated groups were identified using SAM analysis. Agilent microarray platform with probes matching 903 human microRNAs was used to determine miRNA expression profiles in 34 GISTs (19 imatinib-treated and 15 non-treated). Re-analysis of GSE45901 for 17 imatinib-treated GISTs. To validate the microarray platform, the expression levels of selected microRNAs were evaluated using qRT-PCR.
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transcription profiling by array 
Pinar Akcakaya <>, Anastasia Gangaev, Catharina Larsson, Erik Berglund, Jan Åhlen, Katarina Zeljic, Mehran Ghaderi, Pinar Akçakaya, Robert Bränström, Stefano Caramuta, Weng-Onn Lui
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