E-GEOD-6295 - Kidney of MFP2-/-

Released on 1 June 2008, last updated on 2 May 2014
Mus musculus
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The MFP2-/- (multifunctional protein 2) is a multifunctional enzyme with discovery in connection with different metabolic pathways. It is involved in beta-oxidation of branched fatty acids and long chain fatty acids in peroxisomes and in sythesis of bile fatty acids. MFP2 knock out mouse was made with a phenotype only visible in homozygotes (severe growth retardation, 40% mortality during the first week after birht, reduction of fertility in males, less activity). The studies have been performed to identify changes in gene expression levels in kidney due to clinical chemical changes in the phenotype of this mutant mouse line during a screening in the German Mouse Clinic. Keywords: dual colour hybridisation on cDNA microarrays, MFP2, Hsd17b4, kidney DNA chip technology has been exploited for RNA expression profiling analyses. Close to genomewide microarrays were used for identification of changes in gene expression levels in kidney of 4 MFP2-/- mice. Individual mutant mice were hybridised in repetitions against a pool of 5 reference animals. In total 16 chip hybridisations were performed including 50% dye swap experiments.
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Marion Horsch <geo@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>, Gabriele Möller, Johannes Beckers, Jurek Adamski
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