E-GEOD-628 - Transcription profiling by array of G1E cells during time course treatment with estradiol

Released on 15 December 2007, last updated on 30 April 2015
Mus musculus
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G1E cells are a Gata-1 erythroid-committed cell line derived from targeted disruption of Gata-1 in embryonic stem cells. The ER4 subclone contains an inducible form of Gata-1 (Gata-1-ER, Gata-1 fused to the estradiol receptor ligand binding domain). We performed transcriptome analysis using this cell line. Estradiol was added to culture medium triggering synchronous and homogenous differentiation. At various time points, RNA was sampled and analyzed using the Affymetrix MG-U74Av2 platform. Three biological replicas (A,B, and C) were performed. The thirty hour time course corresponds to development from the late BFU-E stage through the orthochromatic erythroblast stage.
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, co-expression, compound treatment, time series
Global regulation of erythroid gene expression by transcription factor GATA-1. John J Welch, Jason A Watts, Christopher R Vakoc, Yu Yao, Hao Wang, Ross C Hardison, Gerd A Blobel, Lewis A Chodosh, Mitchell J Weiss.
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