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E-GEOD-62545 - FOXL2 and ESR1 binding sites in primary cells from mouse ovarian follicles

Released on 1 July 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Mus musculus
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It has previously been shown that FOXL2 and ESR1 cooperate to repress the testis-determining gene Sox9 in murine granulosa cells, and suggested that FOXL2/ESR1 cooperation may be central to granulosa cell differentiation (Uhlenhaut et al., 2009). However, no study has so far compared the DNA-binding of FOXL2 and ESR1 at the genomic level or analyzed the impact of FOXL2 on ESR1 binding to its regulatory elements. Here, we have analyzed and compared the genomic locations recognized by ESR1 and FOXL2 in E2-treated primary murine granulosa cells. Input DNA, FOXL2 and ESR1 ChIP
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Adrien Georges, Anne L Todeschini, Bérangère Legois, David L'Hôte, Reiner A Veitia
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