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E-GEOD-6125 - Transcription profiling of rice virus-susceptible and -resistant lines (TW16-1263 and -1029)

Submitted on 25 October 2006, released on 14 June 2008, last updated on 2 May 2014
Oryza sativa
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Near-isogenic lines TW16-1263 and TW16-1029 were developed from the cross between TN1 (recurrent parent susceptible to rice tungro spherical virus (RTSV)) and Utri Merah (donor parent resistant to RTSV). TW16-1263 is susceptible to RTSV, whereas TW16-1029 is resistant to RTSV. In order to identify genes which are constitutively differentially expressed between TW16-1263 and TW16-1029, the gene expression in the two lines were compared at three different conditions (healthy, green leafhopper (GLH)-inoculated, and RTSV-inoculated). Experiment Overall Design: Total RNA was isolated from 14-day old plants of TW16-1263 and TW16-1029 at three different conditions (healthy, GLH-inoculated, and RTSV-inoculated). The levels of gene expression in the two lines of the same condition were compared by microarray. Each experiment was repeated twice.
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