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E-GEOD-60819 - Effects of acute prenatal exposure to ethanol on microRNA expression are ameliorated by environmental manipulation

Released on 28 August 2014, last updated on 1 September 2014
Rattus norvegicus
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In this study, we tested if miRNAs are altered in amygdala and ventral striatum as a consequence of prenatal ethanol exposure and/or social enrichment. miRNA samples from 72 male and female adolescent rats were analyzed by RNA-Seq analysis and Affymetrix miRNA arrays. Several miRNAs showed significant changes due to prenatal ethanol exposure or social enrichment in one or both brain regions. Some of the miRNA changes caused by ethanol were reversed by social enrichment. The top predicted gene targets of these miRNAs were mapped and subjected to pathway enrichment analysis. We also directly examined the evidence for modulation of target mRNAs in whole transcriptome microarray data from the same rats. Among the pathways most strongly affected were p53, CREB, Glutamate and GABA signaling. Together, our data suggest a number of novel epigenetic mechanisms for social enrichment to reverse the effects of ethanol exposure. A total of 48 Rat ST Gene 1.0 GeneChips and 48 miRNA 2.0 GeneChips were run on RNA purified from 2 brain regions (amygdala and ventral striatum) of postnatal day 42 Long Evans rats. 3 replicate arrays were run for each gender within 4 different treatment groups (prenatal ethanol or prenatal saline exposed; postnatal socially-enriched or non-enriched environment)
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transcription profiling by array 
Frank A Middleton <>, Cherry Ignacio, Sandra Mooney