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E-GEOD-60466 - RIP-Chip of BRAT and PUM from 0-3 hour Drosophila melanogaster embryos

Released on 28 March 2015, last updated on 5 April 2015
Drosophila melanogaster
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BRAT-associated mRNAs and PUM-associated mRNAs were identified in early Drosophila embryos by RNA co-immunoprecipitation of the endogenous proteins using synthetic antibodies, followed by microarray analysis (RIP-Chip). Nine RNA co-immunoprecipitations were performed. This includes 3 biological replicates each of 1) anti-BRAT RNA co-immunoprecipitations from wild-type 0-3 hour embryos, 2) anti-PUM RNA co-immunoprecipitations from wild-type 0-3 hour embryos, and 3) control antibody RNA co-immunoprecipitations from wild-type 0-3 hour embryos. BRAT samples and PUM samples were each normalized separately with the control samples, for a total of 12 processed samples (3 BRAT with 3 control normalized together, and 3 PUM with 3 control normalized together) from the 9 RNA co-immunoprecipitations.
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transcription profiling by array 
Craig A Smibert, Debashish Ray, Howard D Lipshitz, Hua Luo, J T Westwood, John D Laver, Karen Fung, Quaid Morris, Sachdev S Sidhu, Timothy R Hughes, Xiao Li
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