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E-GEOD-5973 - Trivalent arsenic inhibits the functions of chaperonin complex

Released on 26 July 2010, last updated on 2 May 2014
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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The goal of this study was to identify yeast mutants with arsenite hypersensitivity. Keywords: dose response Matched pools of yeast knockout (YKO) mutants were grown in paired growth media lacking or containing arsenite at various concentrations. The relative abundances of the YKO mutants were profiled using microarrays. Three types of pools were used in this study: (1) heterozygous diploid mutants; (2) haploid mutants obtained as progeny from the heterozygous diploid pool; and (3) haploid mutants also containing a null mutation of the prefoldin gene PFD1.
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comparative genomic hybridization by array 
Daniel Yuan <>, Daniel S Yuan, J M McCaffery, Jef D Boeke, Judith Frydman, Nick R Douglas, Stefanie Reissman, Xiaoling Wang, Xuewen Pan, Zhiwei Huang
Trivalent arsenic inhibits the functions of chaperonin complex. Pan X, Reissman S, Douglas NR, Huang Z, Yuan DS, Wang X, McCaffery JM, Frydman J, Boeke JD. , PMID:20660648
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