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E-GEOD-59357 - Gene expression profiles of dasatinib-resistant and dasatinib-sensitive pancreatic cancer cell lines

Released on 24 February 2015, last updated on 28 February 2015
Homo sapiens
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Gene profiles from three dasatinib-resistant and three dasatinib-sensitive pancreatic cancer cell lines were compared by microarray analysis. RNA from three dasatinib-resistant (MiaPaCa2, Panc1, SU8686) and three dasatinib-sensitive (Panc0504, Panc0403, Panc1005) pancreatic cancer cell lines were extracted. Biological triplicates were employed for each cell line. Complementary DNA microarray analysis was performed using Illumina Human HT-12 v4 BeadChip (Illumina, San Diego, CA) at the National University of Singapore Core Facility following the manufacturer’s instructions.
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transcription profiling by array 
Chien Wen-Wen <>, H P Koeffler, Henry Yang, Itay Tokatly, Jeffrey W Tyner, Kian L Lee, Ling-Wen Ding, Lorenz Poellinger, Lucia A Torres-Fernandez, Norazean Zaiden, Peer Wuensche, Qiao-Yang Sun, Seiichi Mori, Siew Z Tan, Wenwen Chien
Activation of protein phosphatase 2A tumor suppressor as potential treatment of pancreatic cancer. Chien W, Sun QY, Lee KL, Ding LW, Wuensche P, Torres-Fernandez LA, Tan SZ, Tokatly I, Zaiden N, Poellinger L, Mori S, Yang H, Tyner JW, Koeffler HP. , PMID:25637283
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