E-GEOD-5906 - Transcription profiling of rice cells reveal bacterial lipopolysaccharides induce defense responses associated with programmed cell death

Submitted on 25 September 2006, released on 6 November 2008, last updated on 27 March 2012
Oryza sativa
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PAMP (Pathogen-Associated Molecular Pattern) recognition plays an important role in innate immune responses both in plants and animals. Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) of gram-negative bacteria are a typical PAMP molecule and have been reported to induce defense-related responses such as suppression of hypersensitive responses, defense gene espression and systemic resistance in plant. However the detailed analysis of these cellular responses and the molecular machinery involved in the perception and transduction of LPS molecule largely remains to be studied. Furthermore, the biological activities of LPS on plants have so far been reported only for dicots and no information is available on the action of LPS on monocots. We report here that bacterial LPSs, both from plant pathogens and non-pathogens, could induce various defense responses in rice cells, including reactive oxygen generation and defense gene expression. Global analysis of gene expression induced by two PAMP elicitors, LPS and chitin oligosaccharide elicitor, showed a close correlation between the gene responses induced by these elicitors, indicating the convergence of signaling cascades downstream of corresponding receptors. Further, we show that the defense responses induced by LPS are associated with programmed cell death, a finding so far not reported for LPS action on plant cells. Experiment Overall Design: 1. LPS treatment (WT), 2. LPS treatment (WT) color-swap, 3. N-acetylchitooctaose treatment (WT), 4. N-acetylchitooctaose treatment (WT) color-swap
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Bacterial lipopolysaccharides induce defense responses associated with programmed cell death in rice cells. Yoshitake Desaki, Ayako Miya, Balakrishnan Venkatesh, Shinji Tsuyumu, Hisakazu Yamane, Hanae Kaku, Eiichi Minami, Naoto Shibuya.
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