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E-GEOD-58675 - Transcriptional profiling of PRDM2 Knock down vs.controlGFPsh proliferating C2C12 Myoblasts

Released on 30 June 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Mus musculus
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Knockdown of PRDM2 led to precocious differentiation. To understand the molecular basis for this phenotype, we performed microaary analysis of growing myoblasts. Genes differentially regulated by PRDM2 knock down were reveraled by microarray analysis using NIA15K mouse chips. Control and knock down cells were grown in proliferating conditions
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transcription profiling by array 
Amena Saleh, Deepika Puri, Hardik Gala, Henrik D Schroeder, Jeeva Sellathurai, Jyotsna Dhawan, Malini S Pillai, Mohammed Rumman, Prethish Sreenivas, Rakesh Mishra, Reety Arora, Sirisha Cheedipudi
A fine balance: epigenetic control of cellular quiescence by the tumor suppressor PRDM2/RIZ at a bivalent domain in the cyclin a gene. Cheedipudi S, Puri D, Saleh A, Gala HP, Rumman M, Pillai MS, Sreenivas P, Arora R, Sellathurai J, Schroeder HD, Mishra RK, Dhawan J.
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