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E-GEOD-58416 - Gene expression regulated by transcription factor MiT in Drosophila

Released on 1 August 2015, last updated on 19 August 2015
Drosophila melanogaster
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To understand the role of MiT in Drosophila, we set out to identify critical gene targets by looking at changes in the WT transcriptome induced by either gain or loss of MiT function. Mutant hindgut and malpighian tubules provided loss-of function tissue and nub-Gal4-driven expression of MiT in the wing epithelium was used for gain-of-function. In the wing disc experiment, 543 genes were upregulated by exogenous MiT, and 359 genes were downregulated (>1.4 fold; P value < 0.01). In the larval HG+MT, 897 genes were downregulated and 898 were upregulated (>1.4 fold; P value < 0.01) after MiT. Among these genes, 85 were both upregulated in wing discs and downregulated in mutant HG+MT, and are the common genes that regulated by MiT in both tissues. We set out to identify potential targets of MiT by comparing the transcriptional profiles of wing discs with and without MiT overexpression (nub-Gal4 UAS-MiT versus nub-Gal4), and separately the profiles of HG+MT tissue from WT and MiT mutant (MiTTZ2/Df(4)TZ). Then, we focused on genetic loci that were upregulated by gain of MiT in the wing and downregulated by loss of MiT in the HG+MT.
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Francesca Pignoni <>, Michael Hsing, Sek W Kong, Tianyi Zhang
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