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E-GEOD-58256 - Integrative epigenomic analysis of differential DNA methylation in bladder cancer

Released on 28 May 2015, last updated on 30 May 2015
Homo sapiens
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Background Urothelial carcinoma of the bladder (UC) is a common malignancy. Although extensive transcriptome analysis has provided insights into the gene expression patterns of this tumor type, the mechanistic underpinnings of differential methylation remain poorly understood. Multi-level genomic data may be used to profile the regulatory potential and landscape of differential methylation in cancer and gain understanding of the processes underlying epigenetic and phenotypic characteristics of tumors. Methods We perform genome-wide DNA methylation profiling of 98 gene-expression subtyped tumors to identify between-tumor differentially methylated regions (DMRs). We integrate multi-level publically available genomic data generated by the ENCODE consortium to characterize the regulatory potential of UC DMRs. Results We identify 5,453 between-tumor DMRs and derive four DNA methylation subgroups of UC with distinct associations to clinicopathological features and gene expression subtypes. We characterize three distinct patterns of differential methylation and use ENCODE data to show that tumor subgroup-defining DMRs display differential chromatin state, and regulatory factor binding preferences. Finally, we characterize an epigenetic switch involving the HOXA-genes with associations to tumor differentiation states and patient prognosis. Conclusions Genome-wide DMR methylation patterns are reflected in the gene expression subtypes of UC. UC DMRs display three distinct methylation patterns, each associated with intrinsic features of the genome and differential regulatory factor binding preferences. Epigenetic inactivation of HOX-genes correlates with tumor differentiation states and may present an actionable epigenetic alteration in UC. MeDIP hybridizations on 98 human urothelial carcinoma samples and 4 normal urothelium samples on Nimblegen 3x720K RefSeq Promoter and CGI aCGH arrays.
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methylation profiling by array 
Gottfrid Sjödahl, Mattias Aine, Mattias Höglund, Pontus Eriksson
Integrative epigenomic analysis of differential DNA methylation in urothelial carcinoma. Aine M, Sj�dahl G, Eriksson P, Veerla S, Lindgren D, Ringn�r M, H�glund M.