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E-GEOD-58086 - Altering the intestinal microbiota during a critical developmental window has lasting metabolic consequences [30_week_Liver]

Released on 1 September 2014, last updated on 30 April 2015
Mus musculus
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Acquisition of the intestinal microbiota begins at birth, and a stable microbial community develops from a succession of key organisms. Disruption of the microbiota during maturation by low-dose antibiotic exposure can alter host metabolism and adiposity. We now show that low-dose penicillin (LDP), delivered from birth, induces metabolic alterations and affects ileal expression of genes involved in immunity. LDP that is limited to early life transiently perturbs the microbiota, which is sufficient to induce sustained effects on body composition, indicating that microbiota interactions in infancy may be critical determinants of long-term host metabolic effects. In addition, LDP enhances the effect of high-fat diet induced obesity. The growth promotion phenotype is transferrable to germ-free hosts by LDP-selected microbiota, showing that the altered microbiota, not antibiotics per se, play a causal role. These studies characterize important variables in early-life microbe-host metabolic interaction and identify several taxa consistently linked with metabolic alterations. C57BL6J mice received low-dose penicillin through their drinking water (6.7 mg/L), control mice did not receive antibiotics. All mice were started on normal chow (13.5% fat kcal). At 17 weeks of age, half of the mice were switched to high fat diet (45% fat kcal). Livers were collected at age 30 weeks, RNA was extracted, and transcriptional differences were measured by microarray analysis.
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Alexander V Alekseyenko, Arlin B Rogers, Douglas Mahana, Huilin Li, Ilseung Cho, Jacqueline M Leung, Jiho Sohn, Jorge G Zarate Rodriguez, Laura M Cox, Martin J Blaser, Nicolas Robine, P’ng Loke, Shingo Yamanishi, Sungheon G Kim, Zhan Gao
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