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E-GEOD-57861 - Gene expression profiles of nurse-like cells (NLCs) generated in vitro from chronic lymphocytic leukemia in presence of lenalidomide

Released on 24 November 2014, last updated on 30 November 2014
Homo sapiens
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NLCs were generated in vitro by culturing PBMCs from CLL patients for 10 days with/without the addition of 0.5 µM lenalidomide. Then, nonadherent cells were removed by vigorous pipetting and the remaining adherent cells were harvested for analyses. We inspected the whole-genome gene expression profiles of NLCs (control sample vs. lenalidomide-treated sample) derived from 4 CLL patients by microarray. Supervised analysis identified 584 genes differentially expressed upon lenalidomide treatment, 352 up-regulated and 232 down-regulated (p<0.05). RNA was extracted with the RNeasy Plus Mini kit (Qiagen, Valencia, CA, USA). Large-scale gene expression profiling (GEP) was performed by hybridizing RNA from NLCs treated or not with lenalidomide 0.5 µM for 10 days (n=4) on 4X44K Whole Human Genome Microarray (Agilent Technologies, Palo alto, CA). Genes were defined as differentially expressed between groups (NLCs CTRL vs. NLCs LENALIDOMIDE) at p<0.05 (paired t-test) and fold change ± 1.5 by using Gene Spring GX v12.6 (Agilent) software.
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Lenalidomide interferes with tumor-promoting properties of nurse-like cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Fiorcari S, Martinelli S, Bulgarelli J, Audrito V, Zucchini P, Colaci E, Potenza L, Narni F, Luppi M, Deaglio S, Marasca R, Maffei R. , PMID:25398834
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