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E-GEOD-57834 - Isolation and Characterisation of a Novel Trophoblast Hoescht Side-Population with Stem Cell Properties from First Trimester Placentae

Released on 3 November 2015, last updated on 24 November 2015
Homo sapiens
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In this work, we have isolated a Hoescht side-population of trophoblasts from first trimester human placentae that cluster separately from more differentiated trophoblast populations, and have a transcriptomic profile indicative of a stem cell population. Hoescht side-population cells were compared in quintuplicate with extravillous trophoblasts and cytotrophoblasts extracted from the same placentae, giving a total of 15 samples.
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Daniel Glyn Hurley <>, D G Hurley, J L James, L W Chamley, P Murthi, P Pantham, R Vather, T Zhang
Isolation and characterisation of a novel trophoblast side-population from first trimester placentae. James JL, Hurley DG, Gamage TK, Zhang T, Vather R, Pantham P, Murthi P, Chamley LW. , PMID:26248480
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