E-GEOD-5741 - Expression data from ARPE-19 cells treated with LDL or ox-LDL

Released on 1 September 2006, last updated on 30 April 2015
Homo sapiens
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LDL or Ox-LDL 200ug/ml, which showed no loss of viability after a 48 hour exposure, induced a physiological and pathological transcriptional response, respectively. LDL induced a downregulation of genes associated with cholesterol biosynthesis while ox-LDL induced transcriptional alterations in genes related to inflammation, matrix expansion, lipid metabolism and processing, and apoptosis. Pentraxin-3 was secreted into the culture medium after RPE cells were stimulated with ox-LDL, and immunohistochemically evident in Bruchs membrane of human macular samples with age-related macular degeneration. ARPE-19 cells exposed to 200ug/ml ox-LDL had a 38% apoptosis rate compared to less than 1% when exposed to LDL or untreated controls (p<0.0001). While LDL induced a physiologic response by RPE cells, a pathological phenotypic response was seen after treatment with oxidatively modified LDL. The transcriptional, biochemical, and functional data provide initial support of a role for the hypothesis that modified LDLs are one trigger for initiating events that contribute to the development of age-related macular degeneration. Keywords: treatment with non-treatment control Human ARPE-19 cells were exposed to LDL or oxidatively modified LDL (ox-LDL) for 48 hours for RNA extraction and hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays. We sought to determine whether retina, pigment epithelial cells develop a pathologic phenotype after exposure to low density lipoproteins (LDL) that are oxidatively modified.We have made two comparsions: LDL treatment versus non-treatment; ox-LDL treatment versus non-treatment.
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transcription profiling by array 
Yanqin Yang <geo@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>, James T Handa, Jane Tian, Roy Cutler, Tinghua Wu, Yuko Yamada
Oxidized low density lipoproteins induce a pathologic response by retinal pigmented epithelial cells. Yamada Y, Tian J, Yang Y, Cutler RG, Wu T, Telljohann RS, Mattson MP, Handa JT.
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