E-GEOD-57307 - Culex pipiens pallens and Cx. p. quinquefasciatus with different resistant level

Released on 7 May 2014, last updated on 13 August 2014
Culex pipiens pallens, Culex quinquefasciatus
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Culex pipiens pallens and Cx. p. quinquefasciatus are important vectors of many diseases, such as West Nile fever and lymphatic filariasis. The widespread use of insecticides to control these disease vectors and other insect pests has led to insecticide resistance becoming common in these species. High throughput screening using SSH and specific microarray platforms was thought to have identified some resistance-related genes. However, limitations of these methods meant that only a few hundred of the many thousand genes could be screened. It wasn’t until the sequencing of the Cx. quinquefasciatus genome in 2010 that it became possible to screen all 18.9 thousand genes in the mosquito genome for anti-insecticidal activity. We used high throughout Illumina sequencing to identify hundreds of Cx. p. pallens and Cx. p. quinquefasciatus genes that were differentially expressed in response to pesticide exposure. The identification of these genes is a vital first step for more detailed investigation of the molecular mechanisms involved in insecticide resistance in mosquitoes. In this study, larvae of Cx. pipiens pallens and Cx. pipiens quinquefasciatus were collected from field and transported to the laboratory and reared to adulthood to get F1 generation. Then, half of the F1 generation was conducted to pesticide bioassay. RNA extraction and Illumina sequencing were undertaken in another half of the F1 generation. Therefore, Samples used in Illumina sequencing did not contact any insecticides. Twelve Cx. pipiens pallens and Cx. pipiens quinquefasciatus lavae were undertaken Illumina RNA sequencing.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
Chunxiao Li, Tongyan Zhao
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