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E-GEOD-56803 - The neuronal transcription factor NeuroD and its impact on the regulation of dendricity and pigmentation of melanocytes in postinflammatory hyperpigmentation of human skin

Released on 11 April 2015, last updated on 18 April 2015
Homo sapiens
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In order to test the gene expression profile in postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, micoarray studies were performed. Totally 14 subjects ( 7 at each phase) were treated by suction blister, and samples from treated area and corresponding control area ( from the same subjects) were taken at 1 week(t1), 2 weeks(t2), 4 weeks(t3), 6 weeks(t4), and 16 weeks(t5) after treatment. Paired samples from subject 6382 at 6th week were missing for microarray hybridization. Therefore, there are 138 array chips available for statistical analysis.
Experiment type
transcription profiling by array 
Vincent J. Hearing <>, André Mahns, Christoph Smuda, Dominik Ebsen, Lanlan Yin, Ludger Kolbe, Vincent Hearing