E-GEOD-5668 - Transcription profiling of immature germinal vesicle stage oocytes with mature metaphase II oocytes to identify and characterize the changed and stable transcripts during mouse oocyte maturation

Submitted on 29 August 2006, released on 13 November 2007, last updated on 27 March 2012
Mus musculus
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There is massive destruction of transcripts during maturation of mouse oocytes. The objective of this project was to identify and characterize the transcripts that are degraded versus those that are stable during the transcriptionally silent germinal vesicle (GV)-stage to metaphase II (MII)-stage transition using the microarray approach. A system for oocyte transcript amplification using both internal and 3'-poly(A) priming was utilized to minimize the impact of complex variations in transcript polyadenylation prevalent during this transition. Transcripts were identified and quantified using Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 v2.0 GeneChip. The significantly changed and stable transcripts were analyzed using Ingenuity Pathways Analysis and GenMAPP/MAPPFinder to characterize the biological themes underlying global changes in oocyte transcripts during maturation. It was concluded that the destruction of transcripts during the GV to MII transition is a selective rather than promiscuous process in mouse oocytes. In general, transcripts involved in processes that are associated with meiotic arrest at the GV-stage and the progression of oocyte maturation, such as oxidative phosphorylation, energy production, and protein synthesis and metabolism, were dramatically degraded. In contrast, transcripts encoding participants in signaling pathways essential for maintaining the unique characteristics of the MII-arrested oocyte, such as those involved in protein kinase pathways, were the most prominent among those stables. Experiment Overall Design: Comparison immature GV-stage oocyte (3 biological replicates) with mature MII-stage oocytes (3 biological replicates)
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, development or differentiation
Selective degradation of transcripts during meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes. You-Qiang Su, Koji Sugiura, Yong Woo, Karen Wigglesworth, Sonya Kamdar, Jason Affourtit, John J Eppig. Dev Biol 302(1):104-17 (2007)
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