E-GEOD-56516 - Gut microbiome metabolites alter genomic networks in PC12 cells relevant to autism spectrum diorders

Released on 2 June 2014, last updated on 7 June 2014
Rattus norvegicus
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Alterations in the composition of the gut microbiome have an emerging role in brain function and behaviour. We have porposed that short chain fatty acids (SCFA) including propionate and butyrate which are present in the diet and are fermantation products of many gastrointestinal bacteria are contributing environmental factors in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Here we used the microarray technology to compare global changes in gene expression profiles following exposure of PC12 cells to structurally related SCFA propionate and butyrate each in two different concentrations. Large number of affected genes, common for both SCFA were identified, including genetic networks and GO processes implicated in ASD. PC12 cells were exposed to propionate or butyrate. RNA was isolated from each experimental group (n=6, pooled samples) and subjected to genome-wide expression profiling using Affymetrix microarrays to reveal dose- and SCFA-specific changes in gene expression and specific molecular pathways or processes affected as compared to vehicle treated controls.
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transcription profiling by array 
Bistra Nankova <Bistra_Nankova@nymc.edu>, Bistra B Nankova, Derrick F MacFabe, Edmund F LaGamma, Raj Agarwal
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