E-GEOD-5449 - Transcription profiling of Arabidopsis loss of function mutant AtLEJ1

Submitted on 3 August 2006, released on 13 January 2009, last updated on 10 June 2011
Arabidopsis thaliana
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The loss-of-function mutant of AtLEJ1 had well-developed anther cells and showed an increased accumulation of JA and ET in its flower bud clusters. Conversely, overexpression of AtLEJ1 caused a delay in the development of the floral organs, arrested anther cell development and secondary cell-wall biosynthesis in the endothecium cells, and reduced JA and ET contents in the flower bud clusters, resulting in male-sterility through anther indehiscence. We used microarrays to gain a comprehensive understanding of the transcriptional changes induced by AtLEJ1 gene expression, Experiment Overall Design: We performed a full genome microarray analysis (ATH1 Affymetrix chips) with the wild type, 35S:AtLEJ1/5-8 line and atlej1 mutant. Total RNAs were obtained separately from unopened flower buds at stages 1~12, when the anthers are not yet opened, and from open flowers at stages 13~14, when anthesis occurs.
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transcription profiling by array, unknown experiment type
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