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E-GEOD-54431 - Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of human liver biopsies from HCV+ patients and healthy donors

Released on 28 January 2014, last updated on 11 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Human livers biopsies from HCV+ patients and healthy donors were collected . RNA and Protein were extract and The Human Adipogenesis RT² Profiler™ PCR Array was used to compare the gene expression in the two group. At the same time PBMCs were collected and the same array were used to compare the adipogenesis expression in the two system. qPCR gene expression profiling. Fresh Livers from 40 HBV+ and 20 HD patients were used . Equal amount total RNA from each samples were used.
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transcription profiling by RT-PCR 
antonella minutolo <>, Antonella Minutolo, Beatrice Conti, Carmela Viscomi, Clara Balsano, Grelli Sandro
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