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E-GEOD-53796 - Heme-induced inhibition of Bach1derepresses Spic

Released on 14 March 2014, last updated on 24 March 2014
Mus musculus
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Splenic red pulp macrophages (RPM) degrade senescent erythrocytes and recycle heme-associated iron. The transcription factor Spic is selectively expressed by RPM and is required for their development, but the physiologic stimulus inducing Spic is unknown. Here, we report that Spic also regulated the development of F4/80+VCAM+ bone marrow macrophages (BMM) and that Spic expression in BMM and RPM development was induced by heme, a metabolite of erythrocyte degradation. Pathologic hemolysis induced loss of RPM and BMM due to excess heme but induced Spic in monocytes to generate new RPM and BMM. Spic expression in monocytes was constitutively inhibited by the transcriptional repressor Bach1. Heme induced proteasome-dependent BACH1 degradation and rapid Spic derepression. Further, cysteine-proline dipeptide motifs in BACH1 that mediate heme-dependent degradation were necessary for Spic induction by heme. These findings are the first example of metabolite-driven differentiation of a tissue-resident macrophage subset and provide new insight into iron homeostasis. Bone marrow derived macrophages were generated in vitro by culturing WT and Bach1 knock out bone marrow in the presence of GM-CSF and their global gene expression pattern were compared in the presence or absence of heme at the various indicated time points after treatment. GMP and MPP populations were sorted from fetal liver chimeras and pooled by donor genotype. RNA was isolated using an RNAqueous-Micro Kit (Ambion) and submitted for amplification, labeling and hybridization. Expression values were analyzed after RMA quantile normalization using ArrayStar software (DNASTAR).
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MALAY HALDAR <>, Kenneth M Murphy, Malay Haldar
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