E-GEOD-5286 - Transcription profiling of rice plants infected by rice dwarf virus

Released on 13 June 2008, last updated on 2 May 2014
Oryza sativa
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We investigated changes in gene expression in rice plants exposed to RDV to gain some insight into the fundamental physiological and biochemical changes that are induced by viral infection, in the hope of finding clues that might help to control the viral disease. An analysis, using microarrays, of gene expression in rice plants infected with Rice dwarf virus revealed significant decreases in levels of expression of genes that are involved in the formation of cell walls, reflecting the stunted growth of diseased plants. The expression of plastid-related genes was also suppressed, as anticipated from the white chlorotic appearance of infected leaves. By contrast, the expression of defense- and stress-related genes was enhanced after viral infection. Experiment Overall Design: To reduce experimental variations, three sets of ten seedlings were harvested from RDV-infected and mock-inoculated plants 9 dpi. Then we pooled leaves from multiple plants as the source of RNA, and employed three sets of microarrays (GSM119715, GSM119718 and GSM119719) using RNAs from different sources and one set of dye-swapping microarrays (GSM119715 and GSM119717).
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