E-GEOD-52595 - Role of SWI/SNF in acute leukemia maintenance and enhancer-mediated Myc regulation (4C-seq)

Released on 2 December 2013, last updated on 16 January 2014
Mus musculus
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Cancer cells frequently depend on chromatin regulatory activities to maintain a malignant phenotype. Here, we show that leukemia cells require the mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex for their survival and aberrant self-renewal potential. While Brg1, an ATPase subunit of SWI/SNF, is known to suppress tumor formation in several cancer types, we found that leukemia cells instead rely on Brg1 to support their oncogenic transcriptional program, which includes Myc as one of its key targets. To account for this context-specific function, we identify a cluster of lineage-specific enhancers located 1.7 megabases downstream of Myc that are occupied by SWI/SNF, as well as the BET protein Brd4. Brg1 is required at these distal elements to maintain transcription factor occupancy and for long-range chromatin looping interactions with the Myc promoter. Notably, these distal Myc enhancers coincide with a region that is focally amplified in 3% of acute myeloid leukemia. Together, these findings define a leukemia maintenance function for SWI/SNF that is linked to enhancer-mediated gene regulation, providing general insights into how cancer cells exploit transcriptional coactivators to maintain oncogenic gene expression programs Enhancer usually regulates its targets through physical contact/interaction. In order to study chromosome conformation of Myc locus and potential distal enhancer E1-E5 region in murine AML cells, we utilize the high resolution 4C-seq and analysis pipeline to search cis elements that physical interact with Myc and E1-E5 region through setting up two individual viewpoints in these two regions.
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Christopher R Vakoc <geo@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>, Cinthya J Zepeda-Mendoza, David L Spector, Junwei Shi
Role of SWI/SNF in acute leukemia maintenance and enhancer-mediated Myc regulation. Shi J, Whyte WA, Zepeda-Mendoza CJ, Milazzo JP, Shen C, Roe JS, Minder JL, Mercan F, Wang E, Eckersley-Maslin MA, Campbell AE, Kawaoka S, Shareef S, Zhu Z, Kendall J, Muhar M, Haslinger C, Yu M, Roeder RG, Wigler MH, Blobel GA, Zuber J, Spector DL, Young RA, Vakoc CR. , Europe PMC 24285714
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