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E-GEOD-52539 - Global analysis of the nuclear processing of unspliced U12-type introns by the exosome

Released on 26 May 2014, last updated on 20 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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we analyzed globally the effect of exosome processing on the nuclear pre-mRNA transcripts by inactivating either the RRP41 or DIS3 subunit of the exosome. Using SOLiD RNA sequencing technology, we report 30-120 million mapped cellular compartment specific reads per sample allowing the detection of unspliced pre-mRNAs. We show that RRP41 and DIS3 knockdowns stabilize an overlapping set of U12-type introns. Studying the global effect of the exosome (Rrp41 or Dis3 subunit) knockdown comparing to the control sample.
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other, RNA-seq of coding RNA, RNA-seq of non coding RNA 
Mikko Juhani Frilander <>, Ali Oghabian, Dario Greco, Elina H Niemelä, Ger Pruijn, Mikko J Frilander, Raymond H Staals
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