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E-GEOD-52468 - Changes in translational state from 1 day to 8 day after inoculation in Arabidopsis thaliana T87 cells

Released on 10 December 2013, last updated on 13 May 2014
Arabidopsis thaliana
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We investigated genome-wide changes in mRNA translation in Arabidopsis thaliana T87 suspension cell cultures which thought to be one of the host materials for bioreactor. Global translational repression was observed in cells of 8 day after inoculation that is thought to be stressful condition by the nutrient deficiency and hypoxia. This suggested the negative effect of the global translational repression on transgene expression. On the other hand, previous study using heat stress showed that some mRNAs were actively translated under such stressful condition, suggesting the existence of mRNA that were actively translated in cells of 8 day after inoculations. To identify mRNAs that escape global translational repression on 8 day and its cis-elements would be the 1st step to make the system for higher transgene expression by the escaping global translational repression. To this end, we subjected polysomal RNA and non-polysomal RNA from sucrose gradient fractionated cell lysates to the co-hybridization on Agilent Arabidopsis 4 Oligo Microarrays. The ratio of signal intensities (polysomal RNA: total RNA) was used as an indicator of the translation state for each transcript. Experiment using two-fractionated mRNA, Polysomal mRNA vs. total mRNA. Biological replicates: 1
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transcription profiling by array 
Kiyotaka Ueda <>, Ko Kato, Renya Okawara
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