E-GEOD-5202 - Transcription profiling of mouse macrophages infected with B. melitensis

Submitted on 30 June 2006, released on 13 June 2008, last updated on 27 March 2012
Mus musculus
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Facultative intracellular Brucella infect and survive inside macrophages, and the outcome of macrophage-Brucella interaction is a basis for establishment of a chronic Brucella infection. The majority of Brucella are killed at the early infection stage. A subpopulation of virulent Brucella strains is instead trafficked to an intracellular replicative phagosome, and are resistant to further attack and begin to multiply dramatically. Virulent Brucella also inhibit macrophage apoptosis that in turn favors pathogen survival and replication. We used the Affymetrix mouse GeneChip 430 2.0 array to analyze mouse macrophage gene expression profiles during the time course of virulent B. melitensis strain 16M infection. Experiment Overall Design: Murine J774.A1 macrophage cells were infected with B. melitensis strain 16M at a MOI of 200:1. Brucella cultures derived from different Brucella colonies were used to infect different groups of macrophage cells to reflect independent infections. Following 4 h incubation, the cells were washed with PBS and treated with 50 ug/ml gentamicin to kill extracellular Brucella. At 0 h (no Brucella infection), 4 h, 24 h, and 48 h post-infection, cells were individually collected, and total RNA was isolated. The Affymetrix mouse GeneChip 430 2.0 array was used for microarray hybridization. Microarray intensity data were obtained by using Affymetrix GCOS software and further analyzed by GeneSpring and other software programs.
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Brucella melitensis triggers time-dependent modulation of apoptosis and down-regulation of mitochondrion-associated gene expression in mouse macrophages. Yongqun He, Sherry Reichow, Sheela Ramamoorthy, Xicheng Ding, Raju Lathigra, Johanna C Craig, Bruno W S Sobral, Gerhardt G Schurig, Nammalwar Sriranganathan, Stephen M Boyle. Infect Immun 74(9):5035-46 (2006)
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