E-GEOD-51830 - Re-establishment of desiccation tolerance in protruded radicles of Medicago truncatula Wt and abi5 seeds

Released on 30 October 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Medicago truncatula
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Desiccation tolerance (DT) is the capacity to withstand total loss of cellular water. This property is acquired during seed filling and lost just after germination. However, in many species, a germinated seed can regain DT under adverse conditions such as osmotic stress. We discovered that the germinated seeds of the abscisic acid insensitive 5 (Mtabi5) mutant of Medicago truncatula lost their ability to re-establish DT during osmotic stress. To characterize the molecular processes that are influenced by MtABI5 during the re-establishment of DT tolerance, a transcriptome analysis was performed on the protruded radicles of germinated Mtabi5 mutants and wilt type before and after an osmotic treatment. Six-condition experiment, R108_T versus R108_P, abi5-1_T versus abi5-1_P, abi5-2_T versus abi5-2_P. Biological replicates: 9 controls (R108-T, abi5-1_T, abi5-2_T), 9 treatments (R108-P, abi5-1_P, abi5-2_P), independently grown and harvested. One replicate per array.
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transcription profiling by array 
Sandra Pelletier <sandra.pelletier@angers.inra.fr>, Emmanuel Terrasson, Julia Buitink, Olivier Leprince
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