E-GEOD-51696 - Differential expression of miRNAs in Retinoblastoma cells (Y79) in response to anti-HMGA2 siRNA treatment

Released on 26 October 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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The main objective of the study is to identify the de-regulated miRNAs in association with HMGA2 (oncogene) in the Retinoblastoma tumorus. The present experiment was carried out using Y79 (Retinoblastoma cell line), as the invitro model of Retinoblastoma tumor. The HMGA2 transcripts were silenced using siRNA and the post-silenced RB cells (at the end of 48 hours) were subjected to miRNA profiling using agilent platform.The key miRNAs de-regulated in this experiment has been validated using qRT-PCR and further their role has been evaluated by addition of specific antagomirs in RB cell lines (Y79 and Weri Rb 1). Agilent one-color experiment,Organism: Homo sapiens ,Agilent Human miRNA 8x15k Arrays AMADID: 021827 [Agilent miRNA labeling reagent and Hybridization Kit Cat # 5190-0408] RB cells (Y79) treated with anti-HMGA2 siRNA or with control
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transcription profiling by array 
Genotypic technology <genomics@genotypic.co.in>, Ashwin M Reddy, Krishnakumar Subramanian, Nalini Venkatesan, Vikas Khetan
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