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E-GEOD-51649 - The Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) controls diacylglycerol kinase in neurons

Released on 1 June 2016, last updated on 4 June 2016
Mus musculus
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In this study, we sought to identify the mRNAs associated to FMRP protein in mouse cortical neuron using a cross linking immunoprecipitation and microarray (CLIP-microarray). The mRNAs crosslinked at 254 nm to FMRP in mouse cortical neurons cultured 8 days in vitro (8 DIV) were immunoprecipitated with H120 anti-FMRP (Santa Cruz) and reverse transcribed to labeled cDNAs with Ovation Pico WTA system V2 (Nugen) and hybridized on Mouse Gene 1.0ST (Affymetrix) We analyzed total RNA (Input) and FMRP-CLIPed RNA (Clip) from 10 primary cortical neuron mouse cultures (5 Wt Input, 5 FMR1-KO Input, 5 Wt Clip, 5 FMR1-KO Clip). Array data was processed by Affymetrix Exon Array Computational Tool. No technical replicates were performed.
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Herve M Moine <>, Dimitri Heintz, Doulaye Dembele, Eric Flatter, Hervé Moine, Jean-Louis Mandel, Laetitia Fouillen, Nicolas Vitale, Ricardos Tabet, Violaine Alunni
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