E-GEOD-51640 - Recurrent inactivation of STAG2 in bladder cancer is not associated with aneuploidy [GPL6983]

Released on 24 October 2013, last updated on 3 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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STAG2 is a novel UBC tumor suppressor acting through mechanisms that are different from its role to prevent aneuploidy Gene copy number analyses of STAG2 in urinary bladder tumors. R values were extracted from beadstudio and normalised using the pounds method. Log R Ratios were calculated using an average value of R from 200 cases and controls from the Epicuro study. WaviCGH was used to generate copy number calls and log R ratios in the region of STAG2 on the X chromosome were also visualised manually to determine STAG2 loss.
Experiment types
genotyping by array, comparative genomic hybridization by array 
Enrique Carrillo de Santa Pau <ecarrillo@cnio.es>, Alfonso Valencia, Daniel Rico, David Pisano, Francisco X Real, Julie Earl, Kevin Jacobs, Nuria Malats, Stephen Chanock
Recurrent inactivation of STAG2 in bladder cancer is not associated with aneuploidy. Balb�s-Mart�nez C, Sagrera A, Carrillo-de-Santa-Pau E, Earl J, M�rquez M, Vazquez M, Lapi E, Castro-Giner F, Beltran S, Bay�s M, Carrato A, Cigudosa JC, Dom�nguez O, Gut M, Herranz J, Juanpere N, Kogevinas M, Langa X, L�pez-Knowles E, Lorente JA, Lloreta J, Pisano DG, Richart L, Rico D, Salgado RN, Tard�n A, Chanock S, Heath S, Valencia A, Losada A, Gut I, Malats N, Real FX. , Europe PMC 24121791