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E-GEOD-51630 - Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of hormone-receptor-negative primary breast tumors

Released on 25 October 2013, last updated on 11 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Total RNA was extracted from FFPE samples of 139 chemotherapy-naïve hormone-receptor-negative breast cancers pooled from three sample sources and assayed for the expression of 21 genes within two previously reported microarray-derived prognostic signatures in 6 RT-PCR multiplexes. RT-PCR gene expression profiling. Total RNA was extracted from 10 micron FFPE sections, and expression levels of the 21 genes of interest plus two reference genes were quantified with 6 multiplex RT-PCR TaqMan assays.
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transcription profiling by RT-PCR 
Christina Yau <>, Alice Wang, Amy Degnim, Andrew Tutt, Cheryl Gillett, Christopher C Benz, Dan Moore, Fred Waldman, James N Ingle, John Sninsky, Laura Esserman, Shirley Kwok
An optimized five-gene multi-platform predictor of hormone receptor negative and triple negative breast cancer metastatic risk. Yau C, Sninsky J, Kwok S, Wang A, Degnim A, Ingle JN, Gillett C, Tutt A, Waldman F, Moore D, Esserman L, Benz CC. , PMID:24172169
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